Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Parisian Pastries ready for Hallowe'en 2011

Can you believe Hallowe'en has been all over the shelves of 'Michael's Arts and Crafts' and 'Rite Aid' since the end of July?! I wonder if it's like that in the UK...? Anyone know?

Anyway I've always loved Hallowe'en and I started releasing items from my Hallowe'en 2011 Range early too. Here's some Ladurée themed (although entirely my own designs) French pastries. 'Religieuse' to be precise. (Pronounce it RELL - IDGE - UZ). Find them at my shop here

.... and don't forget to enter my COMPETITION over on my other blog for some magical, fantastical, original magic of your choosing. Enter here

dollhouse / dolls' house miniature one inch scale halloween food, Ladurée halloween pastries by hummingbird miniatures

Monday, August 22, 2011

In a Chocolate kinda Mood...

Yep... the chocolate fridge compartment is the last refuge of the single gal... or the girl whose family just flew all the way back to Blighty...! :(
My mum and brother visited for 10 days and flew back last night so naturally my mood has called for chain tea-drinking and a lot of chocolate.

And speaking of... I've lowered the price of my Heart shaped boxes of Chocolates here as I'd rather clear the stock and make room for other things. (I made them Valentines 2011 after all).

Oh, and before I forget, the Pixie Dust competition is still open (for another 5 days) so if you're a Harry Potter / fantasy / fairytale fan then hop on over and join in. Enter here. Good luck!

one inch scale handmade realistic miniature dollhouse or dolls house chocolate valentines french Paris food by hummingbird miniatures

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marie Antoinette - Comparing Cake Photos...

Marie Antoinette and a COMPETITION to know about... ;)

Yes, I am sure most of you already know about a free-to-enter competition happening over at Pixie Dust, but in case you haven't entered yet you can click here and you have 1 week left!

I never really loved the product photos I had taken of my Marie Antoinette cakes which I was inspired to make by the Coppola film. The photos of the famous Ladurée cakes were striking, but quite cold as the set seemed to be bathed in a white-blue light. I matched these photos as much as possible and was pleased with the result. See below. However, I am much happier with the photos I recently took on a nice sunny California day in my miniature patisserie. What do you think? Better?! I think nicer. :)

and my new photos here...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ladurée Profiteroles

I was inspired by Ladurée to make some tall and elegant profiterole towers for a dramatic display in a patisserie window. I was politely informed by a French girl that the French don't call these profiteroles, as these are actually called 'pièce montée'. Very similar to profiteroles though, so I still refer to them as profiteroles so as not to confuse my English and American shoppers!

These each take me an entire day to make. One inch scale (as usual) miniatures. Available at my online shop at an introductory price of $220 each. Usually $250.

Also, Don't miss the FREE COMPETITION GIVEAWAY at Pixie Dust here!
This one is the Ladurée Spring Profiteroles. A tower of individually handmade pastries carefully finished with icing in pink, green and white. Topped with a Ladurée label and white silk bow.

This one is the Ladurée Halloween Profiteroles. A tower of individually handmade pastries carefully finished with icing in chocolate, orange and purple. Topped with a Ladurée label and black silk bow. Part of my Halloween 2011 Range.

one inch scale miniature dollhouse or dolls' house patisserie french pastries profiteroles Ladurée Paris miniature faux food by Hummingbird Miniatures

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Magazine Feature - The Dolls' House Magazine

In case you missed it, I made a small appearance in the August 2011 issue of 'The Dolls' House Magazine' (published by GMC). It's a brilliant UK magazine. (Click the image of the magazine above to be taken to their website).

Here's my little feature.

Look out for me in the Nov and Dec issue also! ;)

Oh, and if you're interested in my creativity outside the miniature world (well the 2 worlds overlap quite a bit actually) then take a look at my brand new professional blog here.

Click for close-up.

hummingbird miniature mini food jewelry / miniature food jewellery, the doll's house magazine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to... Guess who?

It's not my birthday, not Hummingbird Miniatures' birthday... but it is Pixie Dust's birthday! My magical miniature shop was opened almost 1 year today (10th August 2010) and to celebrate the occasion I will be hosting a free giveaway competition (be sure to catch it on the day). Before that I want to share these new Hummingbird birthday cakes and if you scroll down you'll see a witch's birthday cake for the occasion.

Introducing my NEW design Pink Birthday Cake which comes with a refined design, prettier candles and also a chocolate heart.

And introducing my signature Hummingbird Birthday Cake which comes with white glacé icing poured over it and a tiny chocolate hummingbird.

Both available at my online shop.

I'll have more of my new Birthday Cake Range to share soon.

And, click over to Pixie Dust for a closer look at my witchy Snail Birthday Cake...!

miniature one inch scale dollhouse / dolls' house birthday cake with candles made from polymer clay

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hummingbird Bakery is now Open!

Yes... just a little later in the day than I meant to list them, but nevertheless, bread is now available at my online shop, here in the bakery section!

You'll be able to find French baguettes and French brioche as part of my Fabulously French Range, Rustic White Bread as part of my new Best of British Range and Pumpernickel bread as part of my new Glorious German Range.

Unsure what some of these world breads are? Brioche is a French specialty bread / pastry. It's made in the same basic way as bread but is richer because egg is added to the mixture. It's also glazed with egg yolk which gives it a slightly shiny finish.
... Historical fact of the day: Marie Antoinette was told that the poor had no bread and her actual response was "Let them eat brioche" not "Let them eat cake". :)

Pumpernickel bread is a type of rye bread with a fabulous chocolate colour and it's been made in Germany for hundreds of years.

one inch scale miniature dollhouse / dolls house food made by hummingbird miniatures

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ladurée Items Now Listed

How long since you browsed the Hummingbird Miniatures patisserie?!

I'm back from the fair with some left over stock and I've got new items which I haven't shared with you all yet which I made in time for the fair. I will be listing new items in my bread range Wednesday afternoon (PST) which is early evening GMT.

I'm already preparing for Hallowe'en 2011 with some early editions! Take a look below.

Ladurée inspired Spring Collection - religieuse (French pastries)

Ladurée inspired Hallowe'en Collection 2011 - religieuse (French pastries)

Ladurée, french pastries, paris, romantic french food and patisseries, one inch scale dollhouse / dolls house food for your patisserie roombox by Hummingbird Miniatures
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