Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Parisian Pastries ready for Hallowe'en 2011

Can you believe Hallowe'en has been all over the shelves of 'Michael's Arts and Crafts' and 'Rite Aid' since the end of July?! I wonder if it's like that in the UK...? Anyone know?

Anyway I've always loved Hallowe'en and I started releasing items from my Hallowe'en 2011 Range early too. Here's some Ladurée themed (although entirely my own designs) French pastries. 'Religieuse' to be precise. (Pronounce it RELL - IDGE - UZ). Find them at my shop here

.... and don't forget to enter my COMPETITION over on my other blog for some magical, fantastical, original magic of your choosing. Enter here

dollhouse / dolls' house miniature one inch scale halloween food, Ladurée halloween pastries by hummingbird miniatures


  1. they are so gorgeous, i haven try before. are laduree is the famous patisserie in france?

  2. Thanks! Yes, Ladurée is the famous patisserie in Paris - they invented the double-decker macaroon. :)


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