Sunday, October 31, 2010

COUPON CODE and Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a ** HAPPY HALLOWE'EN ** today! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful, fun Hallowe'en weekend.
I'd like to clear some space for my Thanksgiving and Christmas mini stock, so if you'd like to buy an item from my Hallowe'en range at a discount, then see the code below.

USE THE CODE FOR 15% OFF. Please see full details below (at bottom of post).

Note that this offer begins tomorrow (Monday 1st November) and ends on Friday 5th Nov.

Items which qualify for 15% off are:

* Candy Apples

* Skeleton Cookies

* Skeleton Cookie Earrings

* Trick or Treat Candy

* Chocolate Bats

And on my Pixie Dust Miniatures shop...

* Halloween Cake

******* Code: GIGI80 *******

- Enter the code (GIGI80) after you have clicked to buy on Etsy, but BEFORE you pay via Paypal. This gives me the chance to change the amount.
- This offer begins on Monday 1st November 2010 and ends at midnight on Friday 5th November 2010.
- You're welcome to purchase more than one item. You'll still get 15% off everything, so long as it's in the Hallowe'en range listed above.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Fairy for Halloween...

I know Hummingbird Miniatures posts should be related to the world of mini, but I hope you don't mind if I share a topic from my CRAFT blog (Caro Home Crafts). People kept asking me how I made my Green Fairy Costume (like the one Kylie Minogue wore in the movie 'Moulin Rouge'), so I put a run-through video up and a helpful post including links to all the suppliers.

Thought it might possibly interest some people here! :)

Here it is, just click this link.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Ghoulish Feast

Have you seen the Ghoulish Feast that makes up my Hallowe'en range at my Pixie Dust Miniatures site? Here's a video of the range below. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Teacher Cake!

It's my mum's birthday soon and she's a teacher, so I made her a fun little 'Best Teacher' cake instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spooky Dishes

I made some Spooky Dishes to use when I did my Hummingbird Miniatures Halloween party photo shoot. Lots of fun to make. They're ceramic dishes which I painted little tiny spiders and bats on with shiny black enamel paint. 1:12 scale and available on Etsy. :)

Quite different from my Witchy Dishes which are made for my Pixie Dust Miniatures shop! Take a look here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have you seen... spookier dolls house miniature Halloween Cake on my other site - Pixie Dust Miniatures?! Straight from the Pixie Dust witch's kitchen... it's quite a bit different to my Hummingbird Miniatures cake (which was decorated with chocolate and candy). This one is a bit witchier and more fitting for a witch than a miniature candy shop.

It is moist-looking chocolate cake with green sugar frosting, but it's topped off with a highly poisonous Banded Krait snake, sheep's eyeballs and finally rainbow sprinkles.

1:12 scale, polymer clay as usual.

I've only got three left and my Hummingbird Miniatures Halloween cakes sold out fast, so be quick if you'd like one! :)
Mini hugs,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your Opinion... More Cake?

I sold my last Halloween cake with chocolate bat and candy ghosts yesterday on my Hummingbird Miniatures shop to a sweet little girl called Lola, and I had no intention of making any more.... but I've had so many unhappy people say they were upset to have missed out. I got pursuaded to make another for someone last night so will rush to do this today.

What does everyone think - should make a whole batch more? Or just one or two?! Trying to work out what the interest level is before I spend possibly a whole day in the Hummingbird bakery again!

Mini hugs
Caroline xx

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skeleton Cookies

You often see gingerbread men iced as skeletons in bakeries in England during Halloween, so I had fun making these chocolate Skeleton Cookies. I also made them as earrings, which you've probably already seen me blog about. :)

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has given me some comfort over the past 2 days. I found out that my cat died yesterday... he was only 13 and been with me since he was a kitten. He was hit by a car, and being in America I wasn't there when it happened (he was in England), so it was pretty devestating. Oh well.... I'll get over it eventually. :)

Mini hugs,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hallowe'en Cake

When I was little my mum always made a Halloween cake, probably partly because it was her birthday the next day so it served as both Halloween and birthday cake! She'd do fantastic cakes such as Dracula creeping out of a marble tomb and elaborate things like that. Well this dollhouse miniature Halloween cake is inspired by all those childhood Halloweens! It is moist-looking chocolate cake covered with green sugar frosting and decorated with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate buttons, a chocolate bat and some candy ghosts.

As with all the Halloween food it is limited edition. I've got 2 left for Etsy. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trick or Treat!

What's Halloween without trick or treating? The tradition is hundreds of years old and apparently originated in Scotland. Beggers would go from door to door asking for food or coins on All Hallows Eve (the night before All Saints Day) and in return the begger would say a prayer for the souls of that person's dead relatives. Later this changed to children asking for sweets or cake and in return they would perform a trick or sing a song. Today children ask for sweets and 'threaten' a trick if nothing is given!
Interesting, right? :)

Here's some trick or treat candy in 1:12 scale made from Polymer clay. So much fun making dollhouse miniature halloween food!

C x

Candy Apples for Hallowe'en

I had so much fun making these little candy apples (toffee apples as we say in England). I made little Granny Smith apples first, pushed lolly pop sticks I'd already pre-baked into them and baked the lot. Then dipped them in red 'syrup' and in sprinkles, baked again and then varnished.
1:12 scale, polymer clay.
Hope you like them! I'm going to start photographing my Halloween miniatures for my Pixie Dust range now...

C x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

HALLOWEEN Skeleton Cookie Earrings!

Hi everybody,
Well here in Los Angeles, California the buzz is all about Halloween and the atmosphere is so much fun and really inspiring! I love the decorations everywhere and the creative vibe as everyone's rushing to finish their costumes. :)

I've made some simple cute Skeleton Cookie Earrings for those that prefer a more understated way of celebrating this holiday!

Hope you like them. (They're available on my Etsy store).

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