Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your Opinion... More Cake?

I sold my last Halloween cake with chocolate bat and candy ghosts yesterday on my Hummingbird Miniatures shop to a sweet little girl called Lola, and I had no intention of making any more.... but I've had so many unhappy people say they were upset to have missed out. I got pursuaded to make another for someone last night so will rush to do this today.

What does everyone think - should make a whole batch more? Or just one or two?! Trying to work out what the interest level is before I spend possibly a whole day in the Hummingbird bakery again!

Mini hugs
Caroline xx


  1. I thought this would be popular Caroline. Lola cant wait for hers to come. Im setting the table for it and be all set to see it in her Halloween post she is going to do! Kate xxx

  2. I loved this cake, the ghosts are so cute!!
    I'd say if you had such a positive feedback maybe you should do just one or two more (?). The whole table is just fantastic btw, perfect!
    Nat - MiniAcquoline


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