Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th July in Miniature

Independence Day is coming up... ! A funny thing for a Brit living in America to celebrate, but nonetheless, it's a popular holiday for miniaturists and I really enjoy creating Independence Day scenes in miniature for magazines and private collectors. :) These photos show my new range of miniatures all handmade by me of course and in one inch scale.

Have a look at this year's picnic / BBQ scenes and if you see anything you'd like to pre-order / reserve, then as usual feel free to email me. This will be a limited range and the plates of hot dogs and burgers I have will go fast. Thanks for taking a look and don't forget to find Hummingbird Miniatures on Facebook if you're a fan of my work...

The Limited Edition 4th of July Range (including cake, burgers, hot dogs, watermelon) will be made available at the online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop soon.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Featured! New Magazine Article

It's always a thrill and an honour to be featured in excellent miniaturist magazines. This month you can find a bit about me and Hummingbird Miniatures in UK publication - 'The Dolls' House Magazine'.

If you live outside the UK and don't subscribe to this magazine, I would suggest it's well worth your time and you can even subscribe via your iPhone or iPad. Just click here to be taken to this part of their site.

Interested in buying this month's magazine? Find it here

So anyway, this month's issue is mostly about miniature baking and showcases some amazing foodie miniaturists. I was asked to write about the 'Piccadilly Patisserie & Cakes' shop I made in 2012, and I gave a general write-up about making it. Only short and sweet. :)

They're running a competition in the magazine this month (which is still open) in which you can win either a miniature cake shop, a book or my miniature birthday cake with candles (a new design created exclusively for this issue). So if you have a miniature sweet tooth then don't miss out on that.

Take a look at my little appearance in the magazine below. :)

PS I will be launching a new and exciting miniature birthday cake range very soon. Expect to see them in all colours and designs, and in one and half inch scales. The candles are now 20% smaller than before! They'll be listed at my online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop this summer and blogged about here and on the Facebook page.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Workspace - 4th July II

Hope you caught the last post (here) about my 4th of July food or saw it on the Hummingbird Miniatures Facebook Page here.... well here's part 2!

As you can see I have been busily adding condiments, pickles, fries, chips, onions etc to the plates. I have also created a realistic watermelon (note that I will be uploading a TUTORIAL which I have written - 'How to Create realistic Watermelon in Miniature') and I also made an Independence Day cake!

Take a look through these quick snaps of my items in-the-making and then don't forget to look out for the finished miniatures for sale at my online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop.

If you like what I do then why not show your support by liking the Facebook page and following this blog?! :) x

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Workspace - 4th July Prep!

It's about time you heard from me isn't it?! I have been flat-out busy working on some large wholesale orders, but I'm taking a bit of time off (even though one order isn't quite complete) to work on some fun American 4th of July foods!

Here's a few snaps of my workspace which I took today... as you can see I am making realistic burgers (yes they WILL have pickles, salad and condiments added soon), realistic hot dogs, Independence Day cake and also some new jewelry to mark the occasion. One of the photos below shows me making hot dog earrings and pendants to a new design. 

I'll list my new range soon at my online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop. Stay tuned...!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Marble-top Kitchen Island

Starting to create my furniture range for Hummingbird Miniatures.... here's a piece I did today. I actually didn't make this one - it's a kitchen counter that came heavily varnished with these adorable little white storage trays. I sanded it down to the bare wood, painted it and created a faux marble counter top.

Here's a 'before' photo.

Much more furniture to come and a good deal of it made from scratch... ;)

Don't forget to enter my mini food jewelry competition which is currently happening on my Facebook page (ends on Sunday).

And keep an eye on my Hummingbird Miniatures online shop for new bread and pastries which will be made available soon.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Workspace - New Pastries

Not only am I re-doing my bread range (as shown in my previous post here), I am creating a whole new range of pastries... take a look at some of my pictures of my workspace and look out for the new range coming soon to the Hummingbird Miniatures online Etsy shop. There will be butter croissants, chocolate croissants, pain au chocolat, cream cheese danish, apricot danish, apple turnovers, raisin and cinnamon danish and more...!

And don't forget to enter the competition we have going on at the moment (enter via Facebook here)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Workspace - My New Bread Line

Every once in a while I like to re-visit something I make in miniature and work to find ways to improve it. I was always pretty happy with my realistic bread range, but since I have had some large bread commissions recently I have really focused on improving the way I make it. I've visited several bakeries and used different kinds of real bread as reference and spent the past couple of days on my new bread range (which will be available at my online Hummingbird Miniatures shop soon).

I've also been hand-carving little wooden bread cutting boards which some types of breads will be displayed on.

To make room for a whole new range of bread I am putting some of my existing bread on sale. All bread is 40% off. Find it here.

Enter the coupon BAKERY40 after you click to buy but before you pay and 40% will be deducted from the total of your bill. Contact me if you'd like a reserved listing for more lots of the same style of bread (whilst stocks last).
Please remember that this coupon is valid only on breads.

Have a look at some of my new bread range in progress in my workspace... :)

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