Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Workspace - Birthday Prep Boards

I've been so mad busy making these new designs that I am reallllllllly behind in photographing them. So I thought I'd at least share some works-in-progress so you'll know what to expect in store in the coming weeks.

Hummingbird Miniatures is gearing towards prep boards quite a bit lately - I've been making jam prep boards, cake prep boards, birthday prep boards, pie prep boards.... all sorts! I've also been making ever so many new design prep boards over at Pixie - take a look here.
Hope you like the new designs. Stay tuned for more designs and for better photos. :) They'll be available at my online store soon.

And look what else I have to share.... (last picture!) I went to my local art store for more wood today (I hand-make all my own wooden prep board bases) and got a tad lost down some street I didn't know here in Wellington, New Zealand. Well I found this tiny brilliant fabric shop with so many patterns perfect for miniatures. It's great because it's just what I've been needing so I can finally finish off some of my NEW Furniture Range which will be available at both stores. I've been focusing on furniture for months - all my designs, no pre-bought furniture bases... coming soon!

Don't forget.... there's a competition running over on my other blog. Take 2 minutes to enter for your chance to win a free miniature. It closes in less than a week.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Over the Rainbow

I love outdoor summer parties! Growing up in the countryside of England, we had a big garden surrounded by fields and our back lawn was quite big. My younger sister Stephanie has her birthday in July so each year my mum would throw a summer birthday party for her and it was wonderful because we'd have a barbecue outside, sometimes a marquee would be erected with a live band inside, balloons, and often a massive bouncy castle (or as Americans would say - 'bouncy house') as well. I loved it! 

Whether your birthday is a summery one (or a winter one like mine), have a piece of cake from my new Birthday Cake Range (available in store soon) and enjoy the last of the summer days.

This cake is white frosting on chocolate with rainbow confetti and very detailed tiny rainbow candles. One inch scale and handmade by me of course.
Caroline xXx

P.S. Important news.... there's a competition running over on my other blog. Take 2 minutes to enter for your chance to win a free miniature.

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