Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Workspace - Birthday Prep Boards

I've been so mad busy making these new designs that I am reallllllllly behind in photographing them. So I thought I'd at least share some works-in-progress so you'll know what to expect in store in the coming weeks.

Hummingbird Miniatures is gearing towards prep boards quite a bit lately - I've been making jam prep boards, cake prep boards, birthday prep boards, pie prep boards.... all sorts! I've also been making ever so many new design prep boards over at Pixie - take a look here.
Hope you like the new designs. Stay tuned for more designs and for better photos. :) They'll be available at my online store soon.

And look what else I have to share.... (last picture!) I went to my local art store for more wood today (I hand-make all my own wooden prep board bases) and got a tad lost down some street I didn't know here in Wellington, New Zealand. Well I found this tiny brilliant fabric shop with so many patterns perfect for miniatures. It's great because it's just what I've been needing so I can finally finish off some of my NEW Furniture Range which will be available at both stores. I've been focusing on furniture for months - all my designs, no pre-bought furniture bases... coming soon!

Don't forget.... there's a competition running over on my other blog. Take 2 minutes to enter for your chance to win a free miniature. It closes in less than a week.


  1. Beautiful! I like the mini books.
    Kiss Faby

  2. The cakes and mini books are darling!


  3. awww deliciusss!!! my 16 was 27 but whit this cake i maker all day my hahhahahahahah

    a miniatures lot!!


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