Saturday, October 6, 2012

25% off this Spooky Season!

Guess what?! With spooky time upon us and Halloween 2012 only weeks away.... I have a coupon code for you with a whopping 25% discount!

This great offer applies ONLY to Halloween products. This means you can use it for...

Halloween cakes (there's 3 varieties),
spooky eclairs,
trick or treat donuts,
Halloween cookies,
Halloween religieuse pastries,
Halloween profiteroles,
chocolate bats,
candy ghosts,
decor glitter pumpkins,
and anything else I may list which is described as a Halloween item!

Just hop over to my online Hummingbird Miniatures shop and click to buy your items and then enter the coupoin code 'SPOOKY12' before you click to pay and 25% will be deducted from everything except postage.
Please do not use the coupon to buy non-Halloween items. :)

This coupon is valid for the entirity of this weekend and expires on Sunday night at midnight PST.

Happy shopping!

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