Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ploughman's Lunch... how festive!

Quite the British classic - the 'Ploughman's'. It's made up of bread, cheese, chutney and fruit. You can have other things in it as well such as pork pies / ham / crackers. This one's quite festive as it includes all kinds of English cheeses (and Welsh goats cheese), English chutney, pork pies, a bottle of red wine tied with silk bow, crackers, royal gala apples, a pear, green grapes, red grapes and bread.

Part of my Best of British Range. I photographed it in my Tudor setting because it's all fairly Tudor fare (apart from that bottle of Pinot Noir and modern chutney) - so it suits old and new scenes fairly well. Quite festive. Available at my online shop soon.

The chutney (along with everything else) is glued down, but I took this photo first because I wanted you to see how absolutely teeny it is! See below.

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