Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Golden Pears... for the Tudor home

These Golden Pears are one of my favourite things I've made and it took me ages! I tried to make each pear as realistic as possible. They were made as part of my new Tudor Range (see more of my Tudor Range here) but can easily suit a modern setting (good for Christmas too I think!)

In mediaeval times the banquet tables of noble households were quite the spectacle. Servants spent ages creating centre pieces and presenting the food in artistic ways (such as roast swans / peacocks served covered in pastry with the feathers added back on.) Sometimes food was gilded with gold leaf for appearances, and that's why I made this bowl of pears with one golden pear among them. There's also a little gold silk bow and some green grapes. The hand-turned dish is soapstone and made by another artisan.

Available at my online shop tomorrow morning PST / evening GMT.

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