Friday, October 15, 2010

Hallowe'en Cake

When I was little my mum always made a Halloween cake, probably partly because it was her birthday the next day so it served as both Halloween and birthday cake! She'd do fantastic cakes such as Dracula creeping out of a marble tomb and elaborate things like that. Well this dollhouse miniature Halloween cake is inspired by all those childhood Halloweens! It is moist-looking chocolate cake covered with green sugar frosting and decorated with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate buttons, a chocolate bat and some candy ghosts.

As with all the Halloween food it is limited edition. I've got 2 left for Etsy. :)


  1. We love this cake Caroline, Im going to have to give into Lola, it is perfect for her mouse house halloween display, looks good enough to eat! Kate xxx

  2. It all looks so good! I can almost taste that cake! I would think that the frosting will taste like mint too!!

  3. Yum! Yum!
    I'm a Halloween baby too but I am sure my cake will not look as delicious.

  4. Que maravilloso dulces para Halloween, te han quedado fantasticos.
    besitos ascension


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