Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marie Antoinette - Comparing Cake Photos...

Marie Antoinette and a COMPETITION to know about... ;)

Yes, I am sure most of you already know about a free-to-enter competition happening over at Pixie Dust, but in case you haven't entered yet you can click here and you have 1 week left!

I never really loved the product photos I had taken of my Marie Antoinette cakes which I was inspired to make by the Coppola film. The photos of the famous Ladurée cakes were striking, but quite cold as the set seemed to be bathed in a white-blue light. I matched these photos as much as possible and was pleased with the result. See below. However, I am much happier with the photos I recently took on a nice sunny California day in my miniature patisserie. What do you think? Better?! I think nicer. :)

and my new photos here...

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