Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Post Vacation SALE!

Hi everyone,
As some of you know, I just celebrated my 32nd birthday and I did it in such a fun way - hitting Vegas, Sedona and the Grand Canyon in a 10 day road trip! I got back to my place in Los Angeles late last night and feel so relaxed and restored. As an extension of my good mood I am offering a post vacation SALE for a few days!

Hop on over to my Hummingbird Miniatures online Etsy shop here and find many items reduced - starting tomorrow morning at 8 am PST.

No coupon code needed - just see all the reduced items and grab them before the price goes back to what it was!

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I'll leave you with some fun photos I took on my trip... ;) x


  1. I'm glad your holiday made you feel relaxed.
    Hugs KAy

  2. Glad to hear you had such a fun trip! The Grand Canyon looks even more amazing in that photo! :)


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