Thursday, March 13, 2014

Coming from the Bakery...

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Do you remember when I blogged about tiny detailed miniature pastries (here) and a new line of bread I'd made (here)...? Well it was about a year ago - so you probably don't remember!

I FINALLY had the chance to start photographing these ranges today. So I'll finish taking pictures and you can start to look for them over at the Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop. I'll mention it here and at my Facebook page before then as well!

PS Thanks so much to everyone that took advantage of my sale last weekend!

Work in progress pastries and breads - my workspace below...


  1. Hey,
    I've just discovered you blog and I'm really amazed about your wonderful craft work! Your creations are so detailed and realistic looking. Just want to say: Wow, I'm very impressed! :)

    Many greetings,

  2. Everything is delicious and very realistic.

  3. Hi Caroline! The assorted breads and pastries are SCRUMPTIOUS looking and the crescent rolls and the Danish pastries are Mouthwatering! Beautiful work!!!



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