Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pastries, pastries, pastries!

If you check my online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop you'll notice that this morning 9 different kinds of pastries have been added to the Bakery Section.

Everything has been handmade by myself without the use of molds, and in tiny 1:12 (one inch scale) with great care to realism and detail. Each one took me a long time to make!

There are...
Apricot danishes, croissants, cheese danishes, croissants decorated with icing, apple turnovers, french hearts, pain au chocolat, cinnamon swirls and pain au chocolat decorated with chocolate icing.

Take a look at the fun photos I took during the week, and if you'd like some then hop over to my shop and find them sold individually (just change the quantity for more, or you can mix and match) and purchase whilst they are introduced at a low price. *Note - the price will rise in a few days time. *

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