Monday, November 16, 2015

Preparing for Christmas...

It's been 3 years since I made a gingerbread village! The last one was in 2012 and I made it for my Pixie Dust Miniatures brand, so the gingerbread houses were not exactly traditional, but were whimsical and colourful. You can see that village here.

Last year my very traditional gingerbread houses made it to the cover of The Dolls House Magazine, for their Christmas issue, which was fantastic. You can see the cover here.

This year is the first year I haven't been on the cover of a magazine's Christmas issue. That's mostly because of.... dun dun duuuuun... the tragedy written about here. ;)

So, this festive season Hummingbird Miniatures is back with a BAM, and we're starting with some gingerbread houses. They will be listed at the online Etsy shop here this week.

If you're looking for extremely detailed traditional German gingerbread houses (also known as lebkuchenhaus). in one inch scale and in all sorts of pretty colours, you can find it here! I made every part of them (made my own canes etc) and painstakingly assembled them over the past 2 weeks.

Please see photos of the process below and then scroll past them to see the final village! Enjoy! And don't forget to visit the shop this week to pick one up for yourself this Christmas! :)



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  1. lovely lovely houses :)

  2. Stunning ginger houses! Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. These are so incredible! It's really interesting to see your process. I can't get over how well made and detailed they are...truly a work of art. :)


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