Thursday, March 22, 2012

NEW Easter fluffies available!

Yes, I am finally getting around to launching my Easter 2012 Range! Starting with some cute little fluffy miniatures. Take a look at my miniature bunnies (in pink or blue) and miniature chicks. They are fluffy like plush toys, handmade by me (naturally), in one inch scale. Photographed by me today.

Some of my 'mini friends' will have heard me announce on my Facebook page recently, that I am leaving Etsy soon-ish, and setting up my own website shop. Well, these Easter minis will all be available at my Etsy store here, as it will be a bit of time before I have built my new website. So stay tuned, continue to look for Hummingbird Miniatures on Etsy, but watch out for the 'move' which will happen this year. :)

And don't forget to enter the competition (details here) before it closes this weekend. Good luck!

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  1. Simply adorable! The rustic chairs, the little bunnies and the fuzzy chicks. You nailed every detail!
    Jackie :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Jackie, you're very kind! I had a lot of fun creating my Easter scene this year. :) C xXx


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