Monday, March 5, 2012

POP ART Collection - Dishes

Can you *hear* the colour?! These unique hand-painted ceramic dishes are part of my new Pop Art Collection and a great way to bring some colour into your miniature scene during the drab season, don't you think?!

They have fancy French pastries (called religieuses) painted on them, so they'd look great in a swanky patisserie or cake shop, as well as a modern kitchen scene. Not sure what a religieuse pastry is? Click here for a previous post all about these classic French treats. :)

I'll be listing them tomorrow at my online shop, which as you know is at:

one inch scale / 1:12 / 1 12th scale miniature dollhouse, dolls house food and kitchenware, handpainted dollhouse kitchen / patisserie


  1. They look so fresh and modern. I love them!

  2. Your work is absoloutly amazing!!!
    I adore your miniatures and your lovely blog!!!
    hugs from a new follower
    Vicky xxxx

  3. Thanks for the compliment and for following, Vicky! :) C xXx


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