Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Eggs and Easter Candy

Oh, I am so pleased to see my fluffy Easter chicks are popular! There's still lots more left at my online store, so take a look. :)

When I was little my mum always cut branches from the garden and then I'd help her hang little painted real or wooden eggs from the branches, and it would be the center piece in the house all Easter. I loved it. So that was my inspiration when I made these little Easter Egg Decorations. Available without hangy threads so you can display in a bowl, or with a gold hangy loop so you can hang from your own Easter tree. Just read the item description for more info.

Then we have Easter candy eggs in a hand-blown glass jar (not blown by me, but by another artist). I only made one of these.

FYI the COMPETITION on this blog (here) has now closed. Results announced soon...!


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  1. I enjoyed your reflection on you and your mom with the tree. :)


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