Monday, February 6, 2012

Piccadilly Patisserie and Cakes

Come inside and take a look around....!
Just finished making my one inch scale miniature model of a trendy London cake shop - 'Piccadilly Patisserie & Cakes'. It was inspired by some of the fabulous sweet eateries around London.
I took these photos last week when we got lots of gorgeous bright sunshine. Good job I didn't wait as it's actually snowing today here in Turville, England! :(

Note the bright bold colours... I'm launching a new range of cakes and pastries soon as part of a new POP ART Collection! So stay tuned ;)

Here's a few snaps. If you'd like to see more then click HERE to be taken to my Flickr Gallery.

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  1. Oooh i love the colours, so girly! The counters are gorgeous are they homemade Caroline or can you buy them, lovely cream colour too. I do love more modern takes on projects, this is very cool! Still in England , do you miss the States? Xxxx

    1. Hi Kate, thanks glad you like it! The counters were bought (message me via FB if you want me to send you a link to find some for yourself). I painted them cream. :)
      Yes, still in England, but moving back to the US in a couple of months. And I'll be at the Tom Bishop Chicago fair in April too. Hope you're wrapped up warm in Reigate! C xxx

  2. una autentica maravilla ¡ te felicito ¡

  3. This reminds me of the fabulous cup cake shop in Covent Garden. Yum, yum!

  4. Hello!!! I love your blog, I do clay miniatures too, though I can't do them just as good as you... :) but I wanted to know, how do you get your TLS to be the colour you want it to when it is baked? For example I made a really light pink and when I baked it, it went all clear! How do you not make it go clear?! Please reply!!


    1. Hi Shelan,
      Thanks! I'm sorry... I guess I don't fully understand the question! Are you asking about the ratio of translucent clay and other clay you're supposed to use? It's different for different things. There's some good miniature food books (such as by Angie Scarr) which state amounts or you could subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my tutorials if it helps? :)Caroline

    2. Sorry! My explanations are sometimes unclear. :D yes I was asking for the ratios. I will check out your YouTube channel! Thanks for the help!! Your miniatures are fabulous!


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