Monday, February 6, 2012

Charlotte Cakes

Charlotte Cakes are so cool looking, aren't they?! If you actually haven't heard of a Charlotte cake (also known as a Charlotte Russe) then I'll fill you in. Popular across Europe, Charlotte cakes are made with custard and fruit (and sometimes a mousse filling) and surrounded by a circle of ladyfinger sponge biscuits or sweetened stale bread.

I always assumed it was an English dish because it has been suggsted that these cakes were named after Queen Charlotte (1744–1818), the wife of George III. That or the name comes from the mediaeval English word given to dishes made of custard which is 'charlyt'.
However, it seems that popular opinion sways towards the theory that this desert cake was created by an 18th century French chef. Who knows?! I have decided not to include it as part of either my 'Best of British' or my 'Fabulously French' ranges because of this ambiguity!

Anyway, I hope you like them. One is a classic strawberry design which I stole from a Waitrose cooking magazine and the 'Blush Pink' design is something I created with Valentine's Day in mind. Hence the chocolate heart. :) Available at my online shop now.

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