Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pastries from Paris

Yes, it's still all about Paris whilst we're in the month of lurve! I was actually going to pop over to Paris for my birthday (which is coming in 1.5 weeks!) but instead my boyfriend is taking me to Cancun, Mexico!
But anyway, I just love, love, love Ladurée pastries, especially the 'religieuse' pastries. For those of you that are not sure what this is, it's a pastry made of two "choux pastry" pieces filled with custard. They come in different flavours and are iced with different colours.
The name 'Religieuse' actually means 'nun', because the top pastry ball is supposed to represent the nun's head and the bottom one is her body. Interesting right?!

So I've listed 11 kinds of religieuses at my online shop with lots of flavours copied from Ladurée. I made them as detailed and as realistic as I could, no molds used of course, each one made by hand in 1:12 scale.

Which is your favorite flavor? Rose, blackcurrant, chocolate, strawberry, purple, caramel, pistachio, lilac, lemon, mint or orange?! :)

Oh, and stay tuned, competition give-away coming up soon...

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  1. I'd take Paris over Cancun any day... :-)
    The nuns look spectacular! Love the history lesson!

    1. Thanks! So glad you like my little nuns! Lol.
      I'd take Cancun because it's so exotic and exciting for me! France is only 30 miles from England, and a quick cheap flight (as in $80 and 1 hour) whereas Mexico is somewhere I've never been, on the other side of the world from here, 16 hour flight, $1000... so I really feel like I'm doing something a bit special and different! Besides I'm freezing here in England and it's currently colder in France, so looking forward to 80 degree weather again :) C xxx

  2. Love the nun buns! Didn't know that was what they were supposed to represent. I am guessing Tabitha is from North America like I am. For us Paris is a much bigger deal than Mexico... for exactly the same reasons why it is opposite for you. Have a wonderful trip and birthday. You will love it!

    1. 'Nun buns'!!! Love it! Tabitha's in Florida, so yeah, I totally get her point and why I think Paris would be more fun for anyone who lives in the US! I grew up in England and everyone goes over to France for their family vacations because it's quick and cheap. Must have been around 30 times! Thanks for the early birthday wishes! Warmest regards, Caroline xXx


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