Friday, March 18, 2011

Pain au Chocolat

I went to my favourite cafe in Los Angeles the other day - 'The Alcove', and saw they had some lovely looking 'Pain au Chocolat' in the glass display counter, so I asked the staff for one, using the name I've always called them by in the UK. She looked a bit baffled and I quickly discovered they're simply called 'chocolate croissants' in the US. Reminded me of the time I went into that same place about a year ago and asked for the 'fairy cake with smarties on it'. The staff thought it was so funny... if I'd been American I'd have known to ask for the 'cupcake with candy on it'!
Anyway, it also reminded me to post photos of my scale miniature pain au chocolat / chocolate croissants for you to see. :) They'll be available on my shop before long (and as usual feel free to message me and put in a request for anything you see on this blog and can't find at my store).

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  1. A very funny story ^^
    The chocoalte crossaints are stunning!

  2. Makes me wonder how the Americans would call a real chocolate croissant! Can you imagine an american tourist in France asking for the chocolat croissant, and being told that they don't have any (just a pain au chocolat)? :)
    Anyway, they look delicious!



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