Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food Fashion Time!

Hummingbird Miniatures is not only about scale miniature dollhouse food, but also miniature food you can wear - miniature food jewelry!

Just updated my Jewelry Range section on my shop and put some items on sale to make way for the new items I have in progress...
P.S. I never use commercial molds or anything pre-made (except the steel findings)!

Here's a quick photo update on what's currently being listed. :)

SALE on Pink Cupcakes - choose pair A, B, C or D.

Rainbow Birthday Donut Earrings

Girly Pink Donut Earrings

Chocolate Birthday Cupcake Earrings

Vanilla Rainbow Cupcake Earrings

Vanilla Birthday Cupcake Earrings

Pretty in Pink Birthday Cupcake Earrings

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  1. Stunning! Can't wait for your cupcakes tutorial!
    Mini hugs!

  2. I desperately want the rainbow birthday donut earrings. how can I get them?


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