Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Marketplace - in Print!

I'm so happy to share another magazine feature!

It's in US publication, American Miniaturist, and it's all about my fruit and vegetables in 1:12 scale, namely a marketplace piece I made back in early 2012. Written by Janet Stuart. It came out this month (Sept 2014).

I've included the feature below and also some of my fruit and vegetables from the past and the not so distant past! Some of the photos show fruit in the making from earlier this year.

Don't forget to look out for new fruit and veg at my 'Savoury' section of my online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop from time to time!


  1. So beautiful fruits! Your work is amazing.

  2. Love all the fruits! The apples are outstanding!

  3. Congratulations on being selected for the magazine! You deserve it your fruits are beautiful. I am literally going to get and eat an apple now because you made me want one! LOL

  4. Amazing work. Apples, pears, bananas are beautiful!!!!!


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