Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dreamworks Birthday!

I know it's been a while since I blogged here at Hummingbird Miniatures. It's been a busy year, and I often have time only to update my 'Caroline blog' or it's Facebook page these days. You can get updates more often by following those pages. :)

Anyway, recently a friend of mine had a birthday. He happens to be the Lead Concept Artist for Dreamworks, so I wanted make him my best ever miniature cake, with my new, incredibly tiny and 'unbreakable' candles*. I made the little wooden tray for it and painted the little knife with my Hummingbird Miniatures signature dots!

If you'd like a perfectly detailed tiny little birthday cake like this (or want to design your own), then send me an email or leave a comment, or find me through the Hummingbird Miniatures Facebook Page here.

* My new unbreakable candles are made using a different method and medium than I have used in the past. Because they are no longer made using polymer clay, they don't snap easily. They are handmade by myself to a high standard and are possibly the smallest miniature candles on the market. I call them 'unbreakable' because they do not break easily. If you drop your cake then the chances are the candles will not break. However, if you try to break them then I am sure you will succeed!

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