Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Different Spin on Mini Food

Have you ever clicked over to the miniature world of Pixie Dust Miniatures?

Pixie Dust Miniatures is all about fantasy, fairytale, witchy and whimsical miniatures. You can find unicorn horns, pumpkins, hand-blown glass jars of magic matter such as molten gold and mugwort, and there's a selection of dragon and monster eggs as well as some unusual foods....

I thought I'd devote this post to some of the unusual foods which are being made for Pixie Dust Miniatures... there are Poison Apple Pies, Bat Apple Tarts, Bone Pies, Snail Cupcakes and witchy Candy Apples....

Everything is created with the same amount of realism and details as Hummingbird Miniatures miniature food. But this food has a magic twist!

Find Pixie Dust Miniatures at:

BLOG here,


If you want to know even more about this fantasy food and what a lot of it is being used for, then click over to the MAIN page - on Facebook HERE. Much of the witchy food is being created for a short film and is needed for a scene inside a cake and pie shop. If you want to follow the progress of the film and eventually watch it when it's finished. then be sure to become a fan of the Facebook page.

Fairytale foods from Pixie Dust Miniatures


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