Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

Happy Easter everyone!

As you may know, I just got back from 2 weeks away in China.

The trip throughout China (starting in Hong Kong, then Guilin, Xi-an, Beijing, Shanghai and back in Hong Kong) was so wonderful and inspiring that there will DEFINITELY be some Chinese miniatures in progress soon...

So - the online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop is back online and business has been resumed as usual.

Have a lovely weekend and wishing you a Happy Easter from Hummingbird Miniatures!



  1. How exciting... a wonderful holiday.
    I hope you received lots of inspiration.

  2. How Wonderful! I had no idea you got to go to China. I bet you had an amazing time. Will look forward to seeing your miniature goodness.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Lindo! Parabéns e beijos em teu coração.

  4. Lindo! Parabéns e beijos em teu coração.


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