Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Workspace... Mini Food Jewelry

I have been busy participating in a fair recently (with my other brand - see the blog post here) but now that I have more time again I am focusing on my mini food jewelry range.

I have redesigned the packaging and guess what... there will finally be more variety coming soon. I'm going to start making more breads and pastries, cupcakes and vegetables as earrings and pendants, and also a whole sushi range. So make sure you follow this blog or like on Facebook to stay ahead of the news. :)
You can find some of my Hummingbird Miniatures mini food jewelry range on Etsy here.


  1. Oh my goodness, aren't these the cutest?! Would make precious party favors. :-)

  2. Your design as really goes well with the adorable jewelry. If I were the customer, I would really feel that these lovely items were created with much love, care, attention. It’s important that you let your clients feel your personal touch for them to see your jewels as not just ordinary but special. :)

    Vernia Soriano@ One Sixty Fourth


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