Monday, May 6, 2013

My Workspace - Making the Birthday Hutch

In case you missed it, in my last post I mentioned I am starting a new range of Hummingbird Miniatures furniture starting with colourful hutches filled with wonderful things. :)

** Note to my non-US friends. A Welsh dresser in America is called a 'hutch'!!! Using American English on this occasion as I have more US readers than non-US. Hope no-one minds and confusion has been averted!

Here's some photos of my work in progress. I'm starting by making a Birthday Hutch which will include a NEW candy birthday cake (pictured above). Stay tuned and look out for these finished hutches soon. You'll be able to see one or two listed at my Hummingbird Miniatures online shop and others will be sold exclusively at fairs.

Check here or the Hummingbird Miniatures Facebook page for updates.


  1. I could never understand what "Michaels Hutches" were? A hutch is something you put a rabbit in! LOL

    1. Ha ha! That is EXACTLY what I said when I moved to America and found out that people here call a dresser a hutch!! :)

  2. SO cute as it is...I can't wait to see the finished hutch!

  3. The cake looks delicious.
    Bye, Faby

  4. Me encantan los dulces son perfectos, una preciosidad.
    Un abrazo.

  5. What a darling concept for your new miniatures line!


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