Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Deary Me!

Noooooo.... there has been quite a mishap over at Hummingbird! As I was packing all my miniatures to transport them from the US to the UK (via my hand-luggage of course) I accidentally stood a box of dozens of Pink Birthday Cakes next to a heater. A very hot heater. So, tragically, several of the birthday cakes now have tiny hair-line cracks in the frosting because of the heat exposure. The cracks are mostly at the back and not super noticeable, but they are there nonetheless.

I couldn't possibly throw them away. They're far too detailed and pretty (and hours of work goes into each one) so I'll see if anyone wants to buy one at a discount. Scroll down for discount info.

You can't really see any cracks at the front - it's mostly the back. I've put some photos down at the bottom to show the damage. Take a look and let me know what you think. :)

The Classic Pink Birthday Cake with Candles

And below are photos of two different cakes showing some cracks... :(

Buy an undamaged Pink Birthday Cake at my shop here

Or a slightly damaged cake at a whopping over 35% off at my shop here


  1. Oh no. :( Even with the tiny crack it still looks wonderful. If someone puts it at the back of their little mini shop with it's back against the wall, you will never see the fracture. I hope you don't find any other cracks though as I know how long these must take you to make.

  2. It doesn`t matter, I love your cakes anyway :O) Maybe some painting can fix the problem . What a wonderful blog you got , I`ll be back :O) Hugs from Norway.


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