Friday, January 13, 2012

A Dollhouse Moment on TV!

Had to share this because I thought it was so cool!
It's a recent British TV commercial which takes you into the tiny world of a dollhouse, miniature model railway, snow-globe, and cuckoo clock and advertises the technical communication that keeps them all connected.

Click on the image above to watch the commercial or scroll through the images below. They're so much fun! Wish I'd been hired to build out some of the models.... I'm so out of the loop in the UK! To be remedied... ;)


  1. Precioso, gracias por compartirlo
    Mis mejores deseos para tu nueva vida en Inglaterra

  2. Fab advert and did you know the dolls are made by our lovely Julie Campbell of Bella Belle dolls, i am proud to own quite afew of Julies beautiful dolls and she deserved her moment of fame in this great advert! Xxxx

  3. I know Kate - I just found that out a moment ago, having seen this advert for the first time today! Bet my American mini friends won't have seen it and will enjoy it. :) C xxx

  4. The Mother Doll in the Red Gingham and the Father Doll reading the paper were made by Julie Campbell of Bellabelle's Dolls. Her blog addy is:-

  5. Thanks for sharing this! After reading the comments, I realise I have seen this before, probably when it first came out, but nice to see again. :)


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