Saturday, December 10, 2011

Made it to the Front

Yay! Only the third time, so I do still get a kick out of making it to the front page of Etsy. See the last time I made it over with this magical mini here (clicking this link will take you over to my other blog)

Thanks to everyone who has written to me regarding my big move across the pond. :) I am enjoying being back thus far since the weather is mild and I've already been able to eat English sausages (oh how I missed them), curry and homemade Cornish pasties.

Stay tuned at my shop for a couple more Christmas minis to be added soon... :)

The pink wedding cake which made it to the Etsy homepage

one inch scale miniature dollhouse / dolls house wedding cake, miniature cake, dollhouse cake, dollhouse food, dolls house cake


  1. Welcome back to Europe! It won't be easy. ;-)
    I moved back from Canada to Germany two years ago to a little village. I had a hard time but I do love Europe. It's so worth it. But sometimes I miss my life in Canada.
    How did you found out you've been to the front page? I've been there three times, too and I never saw it real time! So frustrating.

  2. Hiya Christine,
    Thanks! Yeah, I already miss my life in LA quite a lot, but when the visa's up, the visa's up. :( I won't be in this village forever (in fact I think I'm only staying a month or so) and then I'll move to London.
    I only found out about the Etsy front page because the lovely lady that created the treasury list emailed and told me! :)
    Caroline xXx


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