Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Workspace... Making Cakes

The Tom Bishop Miniature Fair is fast approaching, and I am working my socks off (as we Brits say), getting as much finished as possible. I will be taking my all new Birthday Cakes, which includes my updated Pink Birthday Cake, Signature Hummingbird Cake and hopefully Chocolate and Red Velvet Cakes as well if I have time.
I'll share photos of these and make them available at my shop before long as well.

Here's some snaps of my progress thus far... :)

dolls house miniature birthday cakes with candles


  1. Hello Caroline - I've seen your work on the various sites and wanted to say "Hello". I'm going to be at the Tom Bishop show too and hope we have a chance to meet and have time to talk! Kathy from Wee Little West.

  2. Those look tooo yammy! I want to try making some minifood too
    here is my miniature blog

  3. Good luck at the show! The new cakes look wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

    Kathy - that's so great - we must find each other there and have a chat! Good luck on all your last preparations for it.

    Mini hugs ~
    Caroline x


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