Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Workspace... Building my Retro Kitchen!

I've been a bit quiet about this, but have been slowly building out a colourful vintage / retro kitchen in one inch scale (for a project and also magazine feature I'll share soon).

The space was built by me out of MDF (and in part, foamcore). I made several pieces of the furniture, and other pieces were altered by me quite significantly (see previous post about the kitchen island here and about the hutch/dresser here). I made wooden panels for the back wall, and have put days of work into it. Here are some in-the-making photos I have taken along the way. I'll share the finished project here and on my Facebook page in a week or less.

Note that there are fun and unique kitchen goings-on at my other blog (here) so check that out too!

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PS The last two photos were quick snaps of the kitchen as it is today but I am still arranging the furniture and making changes, so the finished kitchen will be different... ;)

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  1. Me encanta como está quedando, esta fabuloso.
    Un abrazo.

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