Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas plates of Cookies

Christmas treats left out for Father Christmas! (or Santa Claus if you're in the US or Canada... Père Noël in France, Papá Noel in Spain and South AmericaBabbo Natale in ItalyChristmas Father in India etc. etc....)

I'll be listing a wonderful new range of handpainted plates of cookie selections with sweets, candy canes and clementines. You may have already caught a glimpse of some of these new miniatures for Christmas 2012 in this month's issue of Doll's House & Miniature Scene, in which I was featured and given the front cover.
Coming soon. :)

Shop News!............................................................................

Hummingbird Miniatures has re-opened after a few days closure whilst I packed up my entire apartment and workshop and left New Zealand (after a 5 month stay there). You can find my online shop here.

Thank you for your patience whilst I took a little longer to re-open than planned. The 30 hour flight (pausing in Auckland and then Hong Kong along the way) was fine but on arrival in Heathrow, London, I found that one of the large suitcases containing my miniatures, tools and craft supplies had split right open and there was a gaping hole in it! All's fine now and the airline even sent me a brand new suitcase. 

New Christmas miniatures will be made available in store very soon, I promise. 

Please also note that Hummingbird Miniatures will be stationed in the UK for a few weeks and then returning to California, USA after that. :)


  1. Delicious! You make me hungry...I am greedy!
    Bye Faby

  2. Can't believe your attention to detail and patience in crafting these tiny charmers! Happy holidays. :-)


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