Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cherry Chocolate Cake Prep Boards

I shared in-the-making photos of these Cherry Chocolate Cake prep boards recently (here) and now you can see them all nicely finished off.

The cake's pretty realistic-looking up close - quite hard to photograph it, but those who acquire one will see what I mean.

The wooden prep boards were stained, painted, sanded and waxed by me, and then they are decorated with pink striped tea towels, the cakes, cherries, a cherry tag, 3 slices of cake (one with a bite taken out of it) and finally my signature dotty spoon with frosting on it.

An original handmade Hummingbird Miniatures piece! I will make one or two available at my online shop tomorrow. As usual feel free to email me to request a reserve. Thanks! :)

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