Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuned into Hummingbird's Channel yet?

No, I haven't disappeared! I've just been adjusting to my move to New Zealand these past 3 weeks. As many of you know, I will be here in NZ for the next 4.5 months (until Nov 2012), so all orders will be dispatched from the capitol city of New Zealand. ;) I am unsure how long it will take for my packages to reach Europe, the US and Canada... so to give people an added incentive to continue shopping with me I'll be lowering many of my prices across my shop. (Note - my shop WILL be re-opening verrrrrry soon!).

In the meantime, why not tune into my YouTube channel here, and catch up on any of the videos you may have missed?! I just got around to adding my Easter 2012 video today. You'll need sound for this one. :)

At my YouTube channel you'll find videos showing my miniature work and also tutorials where you can learn to make miniatures for yourself. More tutorials to come - I promise!

More videos.... find them at the YouTube channel...

And a tutorial to be found on my channel also...


  1. Hope you have a nice time in NZ! Happyntonhave you back :)

  2. So nice to receive your newsletter again! I'm excited about the new video tutorials - I will tune in very soon!

  3. Hello, nice work. Congratulations! I wish you many good things and a kiss in your heart.


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