Friday, May 13, 2011

Now and Then

My brother sent me some old photos and prompted me to remember how I used to love tiny things as a child.
You see I grew up in the English countryside in the tiniest village on the edge of nowhere, surrounded by fields... there wasn't much for my 5 siblings and me to do except use our imaginations and make our own fun. A big fallen tree became a pirate ship, I drew maps and buried them in the riverbed, and I especially remember searching for tiny people which my older sister and I believed lived in the trees. At some point I got my hands on some FIMO and started making miniatures for these tiny people and later selling them at primary (elementary) school for sweets.
For my 5th birthday my mum made me a Pink Tea Party Cake laden with tiny cakes, sandwiches and a tea set (all made from fondant icing)!

So here's the photos of me age 5, with my marvelous cake!

And roll on 24 years... this is me today. :)


  1. What a lovely we can see where the inspiration for those fabulous cakes comes from!

  2. What fabulous memories :D Linda x

  3. Caroline, you and the table were so cute! You're still now, haha.
    I like to read how mini-artists were in their childhood.
    Hota xXx

  4. wau!molto bella da piccola anche tua mamma aveva la passione per le miniatuere?comunque sei bella anche ora e complimenti per la torta

  5. My god , you look beautiful like a Degas painting :)

  6. Wow, it was so lovely to read all your kind and flattering comments! I'm really glad you enjoyed seeing these childhood pictures! Mini hugs to all! Caroline xxx

  7. I can relate to that, i was exactly the same as a child and how wonderfull that creation and imagination were encouraged :) great cake, i remember one my mum made at about 6 years old that had rabbits in bed! :)

  8. To hear a fellow artisans childhood memories is somehow very comforting. I remember my favorite gift as a child was a set of cake decorations. It was Horse and Coach similar to Cinderellas and to go with it were a tiny little dancing couple. I played with that till they fell apart from all the love I gave them! =D


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