Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Candy and Gingerbread Houses!

Hi everyone,
I'll start listing Christmas items gradually starting tomorrow. I'll be starting with Gingerbread Houses so I thought as usual I'd share them with you first. :) They are extremely detailed (took me agggges) and lovingly handmade in 1:12 scale from polymer clay. They're decorated with all kinds of candy such as Dolly Mixtures (an English candy which is a lot like Liquorice Allsorts without the liquorice), chocolate buttons, candy canes, chocolate stars, star-shape cookies and white sugar icing.
Hope you like them!

If you want to see photos of them being made then just click here :)

Or you can purchase one here :)

They'll be available on my shop for a little over a week and then I may have to shut the shop temporarily whilst I fly back to Britain for my Christmas vacation.

Caroline xXx


  1. OMG, that is amazing. I make a full size gingerbread house at Christmas but yours in 1/12th scale looks so real, even the dripping icing/snow. Love the gingerbread trees and the cute snowmen.

  2. Wow, the pictures look amazing....what a wonerful Christmas table. Congrats!! you are very talented :)

  3. The Christmas table setting is beautiful Caroline as always! If your anywhere near Reigate seeing family give me a shout your more than welcome to visit and have a Christmas tipple with us! Kate xx

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Kate, yes I will be in Reigate at some point and if we can make it work out I'd love to visit you! I'll email you over Christmas to see if we can do that! C xx

  5. I really like it. It's so cute.


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