Friday, April 15, 2011

A glimpse into my Workspace...

Wow, it's hot here today in LA! Just had lunch with a friend at my favourite cafe, sat outside, got home and had to take another shower immediately.
Even though Hallowe'en is months and months away I still seem to get requests for my old Hallowe'en 2010 Cake design and they sell throughout the year. So... even though I didn't think I'd ever make more of this particular design, I spent a good deal of yesterday making more (since I was totally sold out).

Took some snaps along the way because I know people in 'blogland' often prefer to see my 'un-posed' photographs. :)

And a reminder of the finished item below. Available at my store here.

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  1. Cool to see all the little cakes "in production" ~ I do think it's interesting to see others' workspaces and the unposed photos.

    Pamela ~

  2. I like the way you work, your cakes are fantastic! hugs


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