Friday, March 28, 2014

Preparing for Easter...

A couple of years ago I came up with fluffy plush toy chicks in one inch scale miniature, as well as plush toy Easter bunnies. They were pretty popular so this year, even though I didn't have much time to create a new Easter Range as such, I have made many many more Easter chicks! Take a look at my 'work in progress' photo below.

Here are some of my Easter items which are also available this year. There are a few Easter bunnies left and only ONE Easter cake left. After that this cake design will be discontinued.


My online Hummingbird Miniatures Etsy shop will be closed for 2 weeks starting on April 2nd (so that's only 6 days away...) because I am flying to Hong Kong for a vacation. So get your Easter orders in ASAP!

To get things moving, I am offering a 10% discount for Easter items only. That means you can pick up a fluffy little chick or two for only $10.80. Just enter the coupon code CHICKS after you click to buy but before you pay. 10% will automatically be deducted from your entire order, but not shipping.
Note - this is to be used on all Easter items only. :)

Interested in Hummingbird Miniatures soft plush toys in miniature? See past post about Christmas plush toys here.

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  1. Es todo precioso, pero los pollitos y los conejitos me han encantado son una maravilla.
    Un abrazo.
    Villa Pulgarcito.

  2. The white bunny is so cute...and the tiny Chickens are adorable...
    Your cake is absolutely charming!

  3. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and really like. I collect Barbies and furniture in 1:06 scale. I love your blog and your creations. Great job. I invite you to visit my blog: If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog.


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