Friday, April 13, 2012

What a Surprise

For a change, this post has little do do with miniatures! :)

The morning started early with the pounding sound of hail hitting the 16th century terracotta roof tiles above my head. The clock said 8 am but the dark rain clouds let so little light into the house it felt like late evening so naturally my motivation to create / work was pretty dismal. But then, a knock downstairs and a young delivery bloke ran off so fast from my door you'd think he'd left a bomb. In my dressing gown and slippers I unlocked the door and found the massive box. The strange part is that it suddenly stopped raining / hailing as I stepped out to pull the box inside. The dismal clouds peeled away and the sun appeared, but I didn't even notice. I was so excited at what I had received. My fiancee and I may be separated by 5,500 miles and visa restrictions which don't allow him in my country or me in his, but it didn't stop him sending me these gorgeous flowers. I'm so chuffed. :)

Please note that my shop is on 'vacation mode' at the moment, but I'll be back soon and you can always email me in the meantime for a commission / query.

Opening my surprise box of flowers....!

The view from my bedroom after the rain stopped and sun came out.


  1. Beautiful surprise! And it literally brighten your day..
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Awwww! So sweet! The sun and the flowers triumphed over the rain and the hail. :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. What a lovely surprise - the flowers are beautiful and it's amazing what a difference the sun makes:)

  4. Ahh how sweet, what a lovely surprise. Must be hard for you so far apart, hope you get to see each other soon! Still, im sure the family is loving having you at home and your in a lovely part of the country so enjoy your time here! Xxxx


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